Masqulin muscle man Markus Kage’s huge thick erection raw fucks young pup Alex Montenegro’s tight bubble ass

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Masqulin says: Horny bearded muscle hunk and personal gym trainer Markus Kage is at it again, flirting with his new clients.

Today he’s putting young sexy dude Alex Montenegro through his paces and he can’t help but touch his slender body.

As soon as they first meet, Alex mentions that he really needs some butt work.

He wants to grow his ass bigger.

Markus smiles as he checks out cutie Alex’s tight bubble butt, “sure we can work on your ass today!”, says Markus.

As Alex is doing his squats Markus gets up close so that Alex’s ass is rubbing against his crotch each time he rises and falls.

Markus’s big thick cock is already rock hard as he grabs ahold of Alex’s dick.

Then with Markus holding Alex’s legs in the air, Alex rips his shorts down to reveal a sexy jockstrap.

Markus gets stuck in parting his ass cheeks with both hands and slurping his hot hole with his tongue getting it nice and wet.

Alex moans as Markus rims his tight asshole.

Markus then feeds the young stud Alex his big erect dick.

Alex sucks it back choking as it hits the back of his throat and dripping in saliva he goes deeper till Markus’s balls are on his lips.

Markus then bends Alex over the weight machine and slides his slick cock deep into his tight hole.

Alex pushes his ass back down onto Markus’s huge dick till he is balls deep into his hole.

As Markus pummels his hole Alex braces taking every thrust and moaning loudly with pleasure.

The hardcore anal fucking continues until Markus can hold off no longer and he pulls out pumping his jizz all over Alex’s smooth ass.

He then forces his wet dick back inside and fucks Alex until he unloads shooting his load all over his chest and abs. What a sticky mess they’ve both made.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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