Slam Rush this bottom bro wants everyone to fuck him harder and harder

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Slam Rush says: I like to switch up my fresh meat.

Always keeping new bottoms in that rotation.

The slam makes everyone a cumdump. Including this monster-tatted dude.

He looked like a hard-ass gym bro but what he wanted waz that hard-ass cock.

Once he got a little taste he couldn’t get enough.

He was just beggin for everyone to fuck him harder and harder.

He ain’t gonna be able to do squats for a month his ass got so blown out.

You know what they say about gingers, yea me fucking either but this one just had a face that said fuck me till I choke.

Shit, my boys made him so cloudy they set off the fire alarms and kept fucking. Let this mutha fucker burn.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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