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Sketchy Sex Days Ends

Sketchy Sex says: Days Ends at Sketchy Sex…. I held this one cock in my mouth and ass for nearly three hours the previous evening. He filled me up with all of his cum; it was good, but the next…

Sketchy Sex Random Loads – Cum on in

I take as many dirty huge cocks as I can manage!…… Sketchy Sex says: I crawl around the apartment. These random dudes coming in and out will just use me like a piece of meat.… Read the full post

Cum drop off

I had half the neighborhood filling up my holes!……. Sketchy Sex says: My roomies were taking turns filling up my cum dump. That big dick college dude even stopped by to drop off a couple loads.… Read the full post

Kev and Eli

Kev and Eli still hungry for more dick! Sketchy Sex says: After the Craiglist hookup left, we were still hungry for more dick. So we kept fucking each others brains out.… Read the full post