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Dirty Scout 275

This young man wasn’t exactly a candidate with huge potential. He was 25 years old, still lived with his parents, and had only one job during his life, from which he got fired for being lazy.… Read the full post

Dirty Scout 273

This long-haired young man was looking for a job in Prague before moving there. He studied to be a nurse but never worked in healthcare. Instead, he was job-hopping, expecting to find something enjoyable eventually.… Read the full post

Dirty Scout 274

This applicant was a bit cheeky and didn’t like some of my questions. I think this whole interview was really boring him, the only thing he was interested in was money.… Read the full post

Dirty Scout 260

Well trying to interview this sexy young man was very difficult and I would have given up had he not been so cute. He appeared to be so lazy and he had absolutely no idea what he would thought he…